The realistic version of "Crows drink Water": can crows use all the tricks in the fable?
The realistic version of "Crows drink Water": can crows use all the tricks in the fable?
How much can crows understand the laws of physics?

the crow drinking water is a fable we are very familiar with, but can the real crow really throw pebbles into the bottle to raise the water level?

the answer is yes, as demonstrated in the video below, the crow can perfectly accomplish the task of throwing stones into the water to make the water level high enough. But here their goal is not to drink water, but to get food floating on the water. The food was placed in a long transparent column tube, and the water level was not high at first, and the crow could not reach it. As the fable says, as long as you pick up something heavier than water and throw it into the pipe, you can make the water level rise and eventually get a reward.

this video is from a 2014 study, and several new crows were challenged. The researchers used forms from fables to test the crows' ability to learn and understand the basic laws of physics.

experiments show that crows do have a considerable understanding of the basic law of stone drainage through observation. For example, they tend to drop stones in water pipes rather than sand pipes (even if food is thrown here, it won't float). The crows also know how to choose heavier and solid objects to complete the task (these objects can effectively raise the water level). In all the successful tasks, the crows quickly found a pattern.

however, the crow has encountered setbacks in the face of the most complex tasks. For example, in the last part of the video, there are three pipes in front of the crow, and the food is in the thinnest tube in the middle, while only one side of the thick tube is connected to the thin tube. Only by observing that stones are put into the thick pipe on the connected side, can the water level of the thin tube rise smoothly. In the face of this task, the crows did not show the right tendency.

(the whole picture of the U-tube device, the lower part is covered. The experiment found that this device is still too difficult for crows to understand)

through this experiment, people know that crows do have a pretty good ability to observe and understand the basic laws of physics, but their understanding is still not enough. The researchers believe that crows are quite smart compared with human children between the ages of 5 and 7.

of course, besides being smart, crows have a famous feature: they hold grudges very much. They are good at recognizing and remembering people's faces, and they will be on guard against humans who have had unfriendly behavior for a long time, so it's best not to mess with crows. More reading: the mysterious man in the mask held up a dead crow. This is scientific research?

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